Revised Windows app store policy
Revised Windows app store policy

Microsoft is trying to embarrass Apple with the new principle of treating developers well, as Microsoft is firmly committed to the future of the Windows App Store.

The software giant has released 10 principles to pledge application developers, including not banning competition for business through the platform or banning specific business models that apps can handle. 'silver.

These principles also require Microsoft to install its apps to the same standard. Installing competing apps and promises to charge reasonable fees through Windows unlike competing app stores.

The company said: According to the developer's choice of in-app payment system, it will not block applications through Windows.

These new principles clearly reflect the problems facing Apple and Google app stores as developers are increasingly interested in Apple App Store guidelines day by day and many believe this is limiting the competition.

Spotify, Epic Games, and Tile are urging other developers to oppose Apple, and demand a level playing field for app companies and free selection among Apple devices.

Earlier this year, the European Commission opened a formal antitrust investigation against Apple, and Congress released an antitrust technical report earlier this week alleging that Apple has become a monopoly due to its control over iOS and iPadOS.

The report said that Apple's monopoly on software distribution on iOS devices harms competitors and competitors, reduces the quality and innovation of application developers, increases prices, and reduces consumer choice. .

The antitrust report also alleges that Apple uses secrecy as a reason to alienate its competitors and protect itself from allegations of anti-competitive behavior.

Microsoft's Deputy General Counsel said, Windows 10 is an open platform. Unlike other popular digital platforms, developers can freely choose how to distribute applications.

Here are Microsoft's 10 principles:

  • We will not block Windows applications based on a developer's business model or provide content and services.
  • Developers can freely distribute their Windows apps through the Windows App Store, and competing app stores will not be blocked on Windows.
  • We will not block Windows apps based on payment system developers' choice to process transactions for Windows apps.
  • According to the principles of interoperability, we provide information to developers about the interfaces used in Windows.
  • As long as objective standards and requirements are met, such as, for example, security, privacy, quality, content and digital security, any developer can access the Windows App Store.
  • Windows App Store charges reasonable fees to reflect competition from other app stores on Windows. We will not force developers to sell items in their apps that they do not want to sell.
  • The Windows App Store does not prevent developers from directly communicating with users through their apps for legitimate commercial purposes.
  • The Windows App Store contains our apps according to the same standards as the competition.
  • Microsoft does not use any non-public information or data in the Windows App Store to compete with any other app.
  • The Windows App Store displays its rules, guidelines, promotions and marketing opportunities transparently, applies them consistently and objectively, informs you of changes, and enables fair dispute resolution.

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