Galaxy S21 may not have a charger or headphones
Galaxy S21 may not have a charger or headphones

According to a new report released in South Korea, Samsung has abandoned the idea of ​​connecting the charger to the upcoming Galaxy S21 smartphone, confirming previous reports released in July.

The South Korean giant appears to be following in the footsteps of the US giant Apple, putting its charger and headphones into the box.

According to industry experts, Samsung plans to exclude all accessories from the package except for the UBS-C cable. The final decision is still pending.

Although the Galaxy S20 series includes 25W chargers and AKG headphones, the Galaxy S21 series can only include cables and call card launchers.

Samsung has publicly criticized iPhone cases without charger, but Samsung phones do not have mobile phone accessories.

Instead of adding these accessories to the hardware box for free, it's better to convince buyers to purchase their wireless headphones and chargers.

The South Korean giant has done this in the past as users need to purchase another $ 50 charger to enable the 45W charging mode on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

If you don't include these items in the package, it won't greatly reduce Samsung's impact on the environment.

Smaller funds can lower shipping costs, but chargers and headphones still have to be made for sale to users who need alternatives.

Users can feel the real impact of this step because users are unhappy with Apple's decision to empty their cell phone accessory boxes, as well as Samsung users.

Samsung wouldn't be the first Android phone maker to drop free headphones.

Additionally, when users buy a new smartphone for $ 1000, they expect the device to come with a full box of accessories. Otherwise, the company will reduce the price.

It is not clear if Samsung plans to revise the price of the Galaxy S21 series to replace the charger and headphone.

There are rumors that the Galaxy S21 series will be released in January 2021, long before the Galaxy S20 series.

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