Google allows people with disabilities to use its smart assistant
Google allows people with disabilities to use its smart assistant

Google has partnered with Tobii Dynavox, a leading accessibility provider, to integrate the Google Smart Assistant with the Snap Core First series of dedicated tablets and mobile apps.

Through this deal between Google and the company, the company is known to manufacture speech-generating and eye-tracking devices. People who have difficulty speaking can now use the assistant to control home appliances and other products. For smart home.

While Tobii's eye-tracking software for consumer electronics such as laptops and VR headsets is well known in the tech industry through its independent subsidiary, Tobii Tech, many of the same innovations are supported by text-to-speech tablets. Tobii Dynavox and its accompanying software suite are widely used for both assistive and assistive technology functions.

These touch screen devices allow their owners to customize symbol screens to create words and sound clips so that people with developmental disabilities or impaired motor function can communicate. By simply touching the icons or with your eyes.

Since Google Assistant requires users to use voice to access many of the platform's features, it is easy for those who cannot execute programmed voice commands to access to receive commands. My voice.

However, the new integration of Tobii makes it easier for Tobii speech synthesizer to control Google devices with custom button options (such as the Play Music Control button). Speech Synthesizer issues direct commands to the Google device to ensure that the smart speaker or display can meet requirements to turn on room lights or organize a playlist in Spotify.

Google will also integrate the Tobii Dynavox library with thousands of visual symbol codes that can be converted into desired words, phrases, or actions that can be programmed onto the Tobii tablet series - integrated with existing action block platforms in.

It should be noted that Action Blocks launched for the first time last year. Users can summarize a number of complex actions on their Android phone or tablet, such as: for example, opening a mobile app and calling a contact in the favorites list. The buttons can be placed with large buttons on the home screen. Easier.

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