Google faces its largest antitrust lawsuit ever ... Details
Google faces its largest antitrust lawsuit ever ... Details

The US Department of Justice's monopoly complaint against Google shows how difficult it is for internet companies (like Firefox, Yelp, Expedia, etc.) to compete with Google. At the same time, they rely on them to use the platform to advertise their products and services. Then you pay. Give them a fee to help clients use their services.

What are the details of the lawsuit filed against Google?

Compared to the lawsuit against Microsoft in 1998 and the lawsuit against AT&T, which resulted in the dissolution of the Bell System in 1974, the lawsuit against Google is expected to be the largest antitrust lawsuit in two decades.

The US Department of Justice and eleven other states accused Google of unlawfully using its market power to disrupt competitors in violation of the law, while Republican Senator Josh Hawley - a prominent critic of Google - accused the company of "illicit means" to use it to conserve energy. He described the lawsuit as "the most important monopoly case in a generation."

The Department of Justice claims that Google is using its dominant position to gain an advantage and that the purpose of the lawsuit is to dissolve the company in order to prevent Google from engaging in anti-competitive behavior by the government.

How did Google react to this beta version?

Google described the lawsuit as (seriously flawed) and (suspicious), and said on its official blog, "People use Google because they choose, not because they have to, or because they" can't find an alternative. "

"The lawsuit will not benefit consumers. Instead, it will artificially subsidize lower-quality alternatives to search, raise phone prices, and make it difficult for people to obtain the search services they want to use," she added.

What about past antitrust actions against Microsoft?

We've found that the similarities between this case and the monopoly lawsuit filed against Microsoft more than two decades ago are so significant that those similarities are clearly mentioned in the lawsuit against Google. The Ministry of Justice confirmed:

"At the time, Google claimed that Microsoft's approach was anti-competitive. However, Google has now published the same rules of the game to preserve its monopoly. However, Google has learned one thing from Microsoft: Choose the wording carefully to avoid this." Antitrust. Verification. "

In an interesting development, Google cited Microsoft itself as one of its defense mechanisms in the article and published the following images in it:

He said, "Previously, Google services or apps were not loaded on devices running Windows. Microsoft downloaded its Edge browser on these devices beforehand. Bing is the driver behind that. Default user search."

In this regard, Expedia Group CEO (Peter Kern) said, "I think Google is a problem. For anyone selling products on the Internet, this is a problem and we must all fight it."

As the Yelp developers said, “In the US, Google search error actually occurs billions of times per week. This is due to the systematic reduction in the quality of search results in order to establish and expand search and advertising monopolies on the search network. So Google directly harms consumers.” "

It should be noted that Google is expected to respond to the US Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuits in court documents on Friday through December 19.

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