Google is adding features that were previously announced as non-essential
Google is adding features that were previously announced as non-essential

This year's Google Pixel 5 mobile phone has two rear cameras with a 12.2-megapixel main sensor and a 16-megapixel wide-angle sensor with a 107-degree field of view.

Google has chosen similar configurations for recent Samsung and Apple devices. They are prioritizing wide-angle lenses at the expense of telephoto lenses on some phones (like the Galaxy A51 and iPhone 11).

Google's decision contradicts what was said when the Pixel 4 was released a year ago.

"Although the wide angle can be interesting, we think zoom is more important," said Mark Levoy of Google Research when he launched the Pixel 4 telephoto lens last October.

A lot seems to have changed in the past twelve months when (Mark Levoy) left Google and the Pixel 4 was only discontinued after 10 months. Google now clearly sees wide-angle lenses as more important than telephoto lenses.

The modern search giant is accustomed to features slated for their next phone, as the first Pixel phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which Apple canceled the same year.

The company introduced the Pixel 2 phone without a headphone jack. When the Pixel 3 was launched due to the phone's camera software feature, Google product managers described the second camera lens as being unnecessary, and then the Pixel 4 had two cameras.

Google is introducing a wide-angle lens with the Pixel 5 in place of the "important" telephoto lens that was introduced last year.

It should be noted that the research giant is not the only company that has changed its direction in this way, as Apple has underestimated many trends (such as NFC) and the importance of wireless charging in the world. Over the years it was even adopted in future devices.

Samsung also mocked Apple for dropping the headphone jack when marketing the Galaxy Note 9, and it did so with the Galaxy Note 10 a year later.

Several years passed before Apple launched the iPhone 6 in 2014 and used the iPhone 8 for wireless charging in 2017 before adopting NFC technology, as the company downplayed these features in 2012 Sex.

The Google brand is not the number of dips, but the rate of decline as Google is constantly changing every year.

These obvious changes are an important part of fairly modern marketing as no manager will admit that the phone doesn't come with cool new features because the company didn't care much about it before.

The mobile market is constantly evolving. In the later stages of the product development cycle, features that seemed unnecessary at the beginning of development become necessary and new technologies also need opportunities to mature, but it is too late.

Google is now using the Pixel 5's cheap price tag to justify its choice, rather than claiming the missing features are unnecessary or inferior, leaving more room for its next device.

“It looks like the world needs another $ 1,000 cell phone,” said Rick Austerloh, Google's Director of Equipment and Services.

The Pixel 5 mobile phone does not have a Pixel mobile radar chip or face compression functionality. The fingerprint sensor on the back is used instead of the built-in fingerprint sensor.

Some of these features will be restored in future devices, Austerloh said, while others (like the built-in fingerprint sensor) may appear as a technological development.

Google isn't trying to make feature-rich devices, they're trying to make the best phones for under $ 700. The Pixel 5's low price means the search giant has to compromise.

It's easy to see which features are missing, but this time, Google has categorically explained why they are making these choices and designing them at an affordable price has the features that most users need.

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