Review PSVR Aim Controller PlayStation VR
PSVR Aim Controller PlayStation VR

Aim precisely. Feel every hit - do everything possible; Discover a new ultra-realistic reality with intuitive consoles designed to enhance compatible PlayStation VR games. With this PS VR aim controller, you can use precise tracking technology to kill and eliminate the target with precision. After activating the PS VR headset, the touch controller feels like a sharp weapon in your hand, and the vibration feedback nudges you into action.

  • The AIM control unit is packed in a brown box for safe transportation. It does not only include game manuals or instructions for the target console.
  • The built-in motion sensor and trackable field environment are used in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera to provide accurate tracking and maintain the brightness of your photos with deadly speed and accuracy.
  • The unique ergonomic design interacts in new ways with the enemy and the environment, creating a wonderful feeling of connection between you and the virtual world. The lightweight controller, supported by the left and right grips, vibrates like a real pistol every time you shoot
  • The PS VR Target Controller offers a variety of compatible games and other new products, including a comprehensive library of DUALSHOCK 4 controls, including two controllers for full FPS actions and action buttons with large triggers, meaning you can always be armed and against them in any Time to fight the enemy to prepare for new challenges

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