Google launches cross app security alerts feature
Google launches cross app security alerts feature

Google announced security updates, including: New alert across apps to notify users when there is a security issue with their Google account.

With this new feature, when the company detects a serious security issue with a user's account, it sends a notification regardless of which Google app the user is using at the time.

The company intends to issue limited warnings in the coming weeks. According to The Verge, these will initially be available for iOS only. The company’s blog said the company plans to increase its growth early next year.

The company has added guest mode to its Google Assistant smart assistant. In guest mode, no requests are saved to the user's Google account during operation. Once posted, he can activate it by saying "Hey Google, activate guest mode".

The Tech Verge website quoted the US tech giant as saying that the new mode will be rolled out on Nest speakers and smart displays in the coming weeks.

The company said that if users want to easily understand the security and privacy settings of their Google account, starting today, users can search for the following phrase: "Is my Google account secure?" View a summary of your settings.

Google is also updating the Security Center site, which will provide information about privacy and security tools for the company's products. The updated page contains detailed information on 13 Google products including Gmail, Chrome web browser, YouTube video sharing site, Android mobile operating system and Pixel phones. According to The Verge, cell phones and other products will be added in the future. The new site will be listed in the United States today and will be available internationally soon.

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