Google Play Movies & TV is now called Google TV
Google Play Movies & TV is now called Google TV

Google is changing the name of the app (Google Play Movies & TV) to (Google TV). The name change will begin on Android phones, although you can expect it to change on other platforms soon. to shape.

In a world with a large number of streaming services, Google has introduced a new application that allows you to manage all the content. Then (Google TV) will replace (Google Play Movies & TV). However, this change will not take effect immediately.

The app is the Google store for renting and buying movies and collecting content. It can collect movies and programs from different services such as Netflix, (Hulu), (Disney) and (HBO Max).

Google follows in Apple's footsteps here, as Apple also uses the Apple TV app as the hub for all video programming, whether it is a TV show or not.

Apple also uses the (Apple TV) trademark in various ways, such as: b across their devices, apps, and video streaming services.

The (Google TV) name is getting a little confusing. In addition to the app above, this is also the name of the new Google interface that will be used with (Android TV) on the new Chromecast (Chromecast with Google TV).

Google has attempted to create an entire content ecosystem around the Play brand due to Google Play Store and Google Play Books.

Although Google Play Music Store has been ignored for many years, Google wants to close the store and replace it with the YouTube Music app.

It is clear that the "Play" trademark is no longer valid, so Google has simplified it to limit it to (Google TV).

Watchlists are an integral part of the Google TV experience as Google developed search watchlists.

(Google TV) You can directly embed these results into mobile and TV apps. If you add something to your Watch List on your phone or by browsing your laptop, it will appear when opened on Watch TV.

Google also recommends content based on content on its watchlist.

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