iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro? Which camera is the best?
iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro? Which camera is the best?

Apple released the new iPhone 12 Pro, which is sold along with the iPhone 12, 12 mini and 12 Pro Max. The Pro Max version has the best camera in the range. However, since it has not yet been released, we'll take a look at the camera improvements for the iPhone 12 Pro and see how the camera quality will improve. Compared to iPhone 11 Pro.

IPhone 12 Pro‌ has the same triple-lens camera settings as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, with a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a telephoto lens, but in addition to a LiDAR scanner, the three cameras have been improved, and it also introduces the A14, the fastest chip and a new image signal processor. There are also new photo features that will ultimately lead to improvements.

Front camera:

Regarding the front camera, the iPhone 12 Pro's camera still uses the same 12MP f / 2.2 lens with no real hardware improvement. Thanks to the A14 chip, night mode selfies and time videos are now supported. Procedure. Video recording (Deep Fusion), Smart HDR 3, (Dolby Vision HDR), iPhone 11‌ Pro unavailable. By adding Deep Fusion to the front camera, better images can be extracted from multiple exposures, resulting in a clearer, more detailed image and less noise. This is mostly possible in moderate light conditions.

Improved rear view camera:

The iPhone 12 Pro's rear camera, in addition to a wide-angle lens, introduces 7 new elements with a 1: 1.6 aperture, which can increase lighting by 27%, as well as Smart HDR 3 and its enhanced function (Deep Merge)%, which makes photography improved in conditions Poor lighting. Auto stabilization has also been improved and there is a new f / 2.0 telephoto lens with a focal length of 52mm. Although the ultra-wide lens has not changed, it provides a lens correction function to solve the distortion that can occur due to the wider lens angle and with the help of a LiDAR scanner it can support the night mode.

Deep Fusion can be used on all lenses to enhance color and texture. Smart HDR 3 features a scene recognition feature that allows iPhone 12 Pro to recognize everyday scenes and adjust them accordingly to make photos more realistic.

The perfect shot:

In fact, the iPhone 12 Pro can display standard photos in sufficient light because Smart HDR 3 performs well in terms of white balance and can preserve important image details that are sharper and more realistic than the photos produced. From iPhone 11 Pro, and the lens worked fine. The new product improves clarity and detail by reducing noise and striking a better balance between changing image lighting.

Portrait image:

Apple's A14 chip and LiDAR scanner (which can capture depth-of-scene maps) improve portrait orientation by separating the subject on iPhone 12 Pro‌ better from the background. This is evident in the details, because edge detection is better than before, especially for hair. .

The LiDAR scanner can even take selfies in night mode, so you can click amazing selfies in low light and the iPhone 11 Pro cannot capture those photos in the same way.

Bad lighting and night mode:

In poor lighting conditions, the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro has major improvements thanks to the A14 chip and LiDAR scanner. Night mode photos can capture more detail and are more vivid and clear.

Night vision mode shots can also be captured for the first time with an ultra-wide angle lens for great wide-angle shots at night, while LiDAR provides faster auto focus under certain conditions. dim light.


Camera enhancements to photos also apply to videos, and some improvements have been made on iPhone 12 Pro‌. In our testing, the faster iPhone 12 Pro can focus faster thanks to the LiDAR scanner and activate the new HDR Dolby Vision function, which wasn't activated on the iPhone 11 Pro.

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