Telegram supports multiple messages pinning in conversations
Telegram supports multiple messages pinning in conversations

Telegram, the instant messaging service, announced today (Friday) the launch of new functions, such as: b- Installing multiple messages in one conversation.

Telegram said on the blog, "Starting today, you can pin multiple messages in every conversation, send audio files as playlists, etc. when friends share real-time positioning methods to get notifications."

Telegram added that all conversations now support multiple static messages. User can switch between them by repeatedly pressing the top bar or using the new button to display all static messages on a separate page. In addition to groups and channels, static messages can now also be used in personal conversations.

Everything is fine with the new update. If friends share their location, please set an alarm to notify them of neighborhood information. Icons on the site map now show in real time the direction of progress so that users can see if they are on the right track or on the wrong path.

When a user uploads multiple audio files at the same time, they are grouped together into a playlist for easy playback, converting or commenting. By opening the audio file, all files from Telegram Media Player are played in the application. If you are sending multiple files at the same time, they will also be displayed in a bubble. You can destroy them and choose one or more files.

With more comments on channel subscriber activities, Telegram is developing new ways to help brokers. In addition to channel statistics, you can now view statistics for each post in the channel and the public channel the post was uploaded to.

Telegram said: Android developers have added new visual effects when sending messages and changing audio files in the player. On Android, it is now also possible to directly edit and bring back photos without uploading and uploading them, as you can select a marker with a hint or place a sticker on your face with just pressing the brush button. While looking at the picture.

The Telegram app for Android phones and the latest version can be downloaded from the Play Store, the Telegram app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store, or it can be downloaded to a computer from its website on the Internet.

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