LEGO Microgame ... a platform to create games with virtual Lego blocks
LEGO Microgame ... a platform to create games with virtual Lego blocks

Lego and game engine maker Unity have developed a new Lego Microgame platform that allows you to collect virtual Lego blocks to create your own gaming environment.

Lego and Unity, a 3D content development platform, are celebrating their 25th birthday together. Imagine new games that could be created with virtual cubes.

The new LEGO Microgame platform is free and does not require any prior knowledge of video game programming as the platform guides you step-by-step to create and share the game in less than 45 minutes.

Firstly, all you have to do is follow the tutorial (Unity) and customize the game to your liking. Then you can play Lego mini games in the new virtual world.

With (Unity) (creative mod) you can: create enemies, customize the menu and change the player's appearance to an adventurer or a pirate.

Additionally, you can make further customization by importing the kits created in BrickLink Studio into the platform as BrickLink acts as an online marketplace for buying and selling Lego parts, shapes and sets.

It also has other features like (Space Boy) and (Dangerous Zone). You can access it by performing operations like sharing games or updating games.

The LEGO Microgame platform is very simple, and according to Unity, you can create and customize 3D games in less than an hour.

The company said: Beginners can easily navigate the game: Some tasks include facilitating game development and removing barriers for new users.

For those who love Lego games to learn about the gaming industry or are interested in programming the Unity game engine, the new platform seems useful.

(Unity) said: The game allows you to learn how to use the (Unity) platform while using virtual Lego blocks to have a great experience.

Lego and Unity is designed for Lego and Unity fans with the goal of making the first experience enjoyable for everyone developing this game.

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