Twitter adds an anti-misinformation banner
Twitter adds an anti-misinformation banner

Twitter has taken a fresh approach to fighting fake election news, adding an anti-fraud news banner ahead of the US election.

The logo contains information about election results and mailed voting and aims to respond to a large number of false statements about the 2020 elections.

Logos appear on the timeline of all users who live in the United States and when people search for electoral terms or hashtags.

Twitter said: The new banner proactively addresses issues that may lead to incorrect information about the election.

One banner assures users that email voting is safe, while the other informs users that election results may not be announced immediately.

The tagline indicates Twitter Moments, which provides updated information on polls and results.

The logo did not mention some fake data. Instead, Twitter warned a large group of users against seeing unfounded allegations that the email vote was fraudulent or that a particular candidate won the election.

Twitter will remove or classify tweets promoting fake votes and make temporary changes to the user interface before voting to improve how the tweets interact.

The Facebook platform announced a similar banner for the US presidential election, to notify Facebook and Instagram users that the vote counting process is still underway.

A Twitter spokesperson said: “People depend on Twitter for accurate and reliable information on voting methods and the latest election news. We believe it is very important that people can easily find this information.

Amidst the growing national health crisis, social media companies are scrambling to equip the platforms with the unique challenges of the controversial US election.

The purpose of the news is to slow the spread of false information before the election. The results might not be known until after November 3.

The company previously established an electoral information center and updated its policies so that strict measures can be taken to report false or misleading election tweets.

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