Mate 40 .. will this be the last Huawei series to run on Android?
Mate 40 .. will this be the last Huawei series to run on Android?

Huawei faces a lot of challenges at the moment, but it seems that it will not give up anytime soon and we think it will not give up. Huawei today opens its own store and continues to sell new products, and when other tech giants object, users wait for the Mate 40 series. The flagship, the upcoming Mate 40 series, is expected to be available in October and will come with a 5nm processor (Kirin) and support for 5G charging.

Everyone remembers the saying: Due to US restrictions, Huawei Mate 40 will be the company's last phone to use the Kirin chipset as the first images of the Mate 40 Pro showed dual cameras and selfie screens. We are not sure if there are FreeForm cameras. But some people have stated that in the midst of rumors they are advancing.

Huawei is set to announce a major event on October 22, 2020 where (Huawei Mobile) has posted a teaser on Twitter telling us that the Mate 40 series (unprecedented performance is coming).

The next performance may be related to the use of 5 nm processors (Kirin) and support for the fifth generation networks, as support for the fifth generation networks is not new, but for Huawei it will not be forgotten. It is the last smartphone compatible with the processor (Kirin). Few details have been shared when it comes to specs and other features, but what we've heard over the past few months has to do with the processor and camera features. So let's wait and see.

Most of the leaks said, "Although Huawei has not officially confirmed that this phone will come with the latest Kirin processor, specifically the Kirin 9000 processor." The executive branch (Yu Chengdong) said that this phone will be the last phone in the Mate series to be powered by Kirin processors.

There is currently no reliable information about which operating system the Mate 40 series can use, but there are rumors that the phone could run on Android without the ability of Google services, which makes it similar in its location. For Huawei Mate 30.

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