Microsoft is explaining the problem with progressive web applications
Microsoft is explaining the problem with progressive web applications

In the past few days, many Windows 10 users have complained about Microsoft's (Microsoft Office) Progressive Web Application (PWA) appearing on the OS's Start menu.

The company declined to explain what happened, but said the installation process could be due to a bug in Edge browser and adding web apps to the Start menu to pause this path.

For Windows 10 users who haven't installed the desktop app (Microsoft Office), it looks like the company has a progressive web app pinned to the Start menu.

The idea is that any website you install from the Start menu can run in Edge. The goal is simply to convert these links into more visible boxes now.

In one case reported by Microsoft as a bug, this change converted web links in the app (Microsoft Office) to Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

After Microsoft sent a mandatory Windows 10 update and installed web apps (Word), Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook without asking for it, something went wrong.

These apps are basically shortcuts to the (Microsoft Office) web version and can be accessed from any browser (like Chrome or Firefox).

Even if your default browser is not Edge, these installed applications can only be opened through the Microsoft Edge browser.

There have also been reports that Windows 10 devices are restarting without permission and mandatory updates have installed these apps.

The update should only initially be sent to Windows Insider members and it appears to have reached non-program members.

Mention that these applications are not the full version of (Microsoft Office), just open the web versions of the applications that require a Microsoft account to be accessed.

For users who are using the online (Microsoft Office) version, this appears to be a suitable option because all the (Microsoft 365) applications are already in place and thus easily accessible.

Web applications are shortcuts that take up almost no space on the system. However, the way these apps are installed raises questions about mandatory ads and using the Start menu as a free advertisement for their websites. Products.

The company's actions are described as further evidence that Microsoft does not respect your ownership of the computer.

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