Launch of the world's first foldable screen TV
Launch of the world's first foldable screen TV

LG announced the launch of the world's first convertible TV (LG Signature OLED R) in 7 consumer electronics stores in South Korea, which are located in the headquarters of South Korea.

The retail price for the main TV is 100 million won ($ 87,000).

The TV has a 65 inch flexible OLED screen that delivers excellent picture quality thanks to self-lighting pixel technology and separate dimming control.

Due to its flexibility, the screen can be partially or completely retracted and extended at the base, adapt to different aspect ratios or completely disappear when not in use.

Unlike the advanced devices of the world's first rotating screen TV, this device represents LG's ability to innovate and develop new features that directly contribute to consumers' interests.

The TV frees users from the restrictions of walls and enables homeowners to organize their living environment without constantly having to reserve space for the big screen. This is only useful when the big screen is on.

Buyers can choose from four colors of wool tweeter cap, and the aluminum base can be customized with special designs.

Thanks to the company's mastery of OLED technology, the LG Signature OLED TV R can be transformed into three different display formats ((Full View), (Online View) and (No Display)) thanks to the company's mastery of OLED technology, an exciting new technology and exciting ways to expand the user experience.

Park Hyoung-sei, President of LG Home Entertainment said: The seamless integration of technology and design innovations demonstrated in the (LG Signature OLED R) is an unprecedented achievement and it really deserves to be a work of art. the art.

“It's a true luxury that is redefining the look of televisions. This unique TV provides a unique user experience and a new way of thinking while reaffirming LG's leadership in the premium TV market.

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