Microsoft is officially launching the next big update for Windows 10
Microsoft is officially launching the next big update for Windows 10

Microsoft said today (Tuesday): it has started releasing the next version of Windows 10 for computers and tablets.

Windows Update 10 October 2020 (also known as version 20H2) fixes technical and security issues and provides software improvements.

There are over 1 billion devices running Windows 10, which makes it more popular than Apple macOS and Google ChromeOS. Since consumers and businesses buy devices with pre-installed operating systems, Windows accounts for 16% of Microsoft's sales.

Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system in 2015. Since then, the company has released updates twice a year. This year marks the second year that Microsoft released its second relatively low-key update this fall. The goal is to improve Windows 10 system performance and quality rather than releasing a news-packed version. Compelling features that humans cannot learn.

New functionality for update (Windows 10 October 2020) includes new web browser integration (Edge) based on Google's Chromium open source engine.

Compared to Microsoft Edge, which was introduced in Windows 10 in 2015, the Chromium-based Edge browser supports more websites and browser extensions. As of 2019, Microsoft has been providing an early version of the new Edge browser for users who can download it. However, the company has not integrated it into Windows 10.

According to reports, the Chromium engine is based on the same basic technology as the popular Google Chrome browser, but it can be used under an open source license so that third parties can modify and redistribute it.

In the new update, the background color of the icon displayed in the (Start) menu corresponds to the standard lighting or dark mode of the device and is compatible with the light or dark color of the (Start) menu.

Users can go to (Settings), then (Update and Security), then Update and Security, then (Windows Update) Windows Update, and then click the button (Check for updates) to check for updates. Check for updates on your computers.

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