Nokia is seeking to block Lenovo sales in Germany due to its patent license
Nokia is seeking to block Lenovo sales in Germany due to its patent license

On Tuesday, Nokia tried to impose a court ruling on Lenovo, the world's largest computer manufacturer, to prevent its products from being sold in Germany after infringing their video encoding patents.

A Munich court ruled on September 30 that a company registered in Hong Kong violated Nokia's patents, issued an injunction and removed the product from retail stores.

Nokia filed a lawsuit against Lenovo last year for infringement of 20 patents. The Finnish company currently has lawsuits against Lenovo in the US, Brazil and India, while in Germany there are six.

Lenovo has appealed the Munich court ruling. "We believe that Nokia has violated its legal obligations by refusing to license its technology to the Lenovo Group or some external vendors, H.264 technology on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms."

H.264 is a video compression format that is widely used in smartphones and computers. Nokia previously sued Apple for patent infringement and reached a $ 2 billion settlement in 2017.

The German Court in Munich rejected Lenovo's claim that Nokia had violated its obligations on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms.

Nokia said: Lenovo is unwilling to discuss the problem and can solve it by taking responsibility and agreeing to the license on fair terms.

According to Reuters, a source from Lenovo said, "Nokia claims that the total license fee is excessive, in excess of 50 times what Lenovo deems appropriate and reasonable."

In addition, Nokia received $ 14.1 million to provide 4G LTE connectivity on the moon. This is part of a larger NASA plan to allow humans to land on the moon and moon to build long-range research facilities.

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