Microsoft reveals the explosive growth in the number of Teams active daily users
Microsoft reveals the explosive growth in the number of Teams active daily users

Microsoft announced that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of users of the Team video conferencing service increased, forcing people to work and study from home.

During the earnings call for the first quarter of 2021, CEO of the American software giant Satya Nadella said that the Microsoft team has more than 115 million active daily users. Compared to the 75 million daily active users in April, that's a 53% increase. About 15 months ago, the app only had 13 million daily active users.

Nadella said, “(The Thames) now has more than 115 million daily active users. As people communicate, collaborate, and participate in content creation through work, life, and learning, we see an increase in usage and density.” Microsoft 365 users have achieved more than 30 billion Minutes synchronized cooperation this quarter.

It is reported that (Microsoft Teams) is a collaboration tool for (Office 365) package that competes with the following services: (Slack), (Workplace on Facebook) Workplace, (Google Dead) and even (Zoom) Zoom.

In fact, Microsoft has started a virtual dating war with Google and Zoom. Google Dead attracted about 100 million people to the conference in one day. Microsoft teams had more than 200 million meeting participants, and the Zoom service had over 300 million people in a single day. Please note that unlike the number of daily active users, the number of meeting participants counts the same user more than once.

Microsoft Teams was the company's fastest-growing business app as of 2018, long before the shutdown forced employees to work and learn remotely. Last May, an employee at Microsoft told VentureBeat that the difference will be greater than Windows.

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