Will the iPhone 13 be a foldable phone?
Will the iPhone 13 be a foldable phone?

Apple is researching the concept of a foldable phone. For some time now we can call it iPhone Flip, iPhone Fold or iPhone 13. We know this due to many bugs and patents, and now we need to add another one to the previous rumors. Rumor has it that Apple's new patent aims to solve one of the biggest problems with foldable phones.

Apple's new patent was apparently filed in April and published on October 27, 2020. It describes the protective layer of the foldable screen which is supposed to prevent cracks.

The hard coating prevents cracks from forming and fills in the tiny cracks that are present, which is important. Because, as the patent shows, glass cracking is often caused by fine cracks. Therefore, if you do full screen, you are unlikely to damage the screen.

Since all moving parts, not to mention flexible screens, foldable phones are generally more vulnerable to damage than regular smartphones, a longer life is important for consumer comfort.

As with patents, it should be noted that Apple patents are not necessarily used in commercial products. It just means that Apple is studying this idea. While there are rumors that the company has a foldable prototype, we cannot be sure if the company will release a foldable phone.

Therefore, the iPhone 13 (or its version) could be foldable, especially since competitors like Samsung and Huawei have had foldable phones for many years, but foldable devices are still rare, so Apple is not. Perhaps he does not run out of patience to join the fight. Assuming Apple is pushing this idea, it will likely be the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, or foldable 15.

Apple has stepped up efforts to develop search technology on the iPhone, according to a report by the Financial Times and the Financial Times. This report is about Apple's research. Regulators scrutinize the billions of dollars that Google pays each year to make sure the search engine is installed as the default search tool.

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