Minecraft now requires a Microsoft account
Minecraft now requires a Microsoft account

The official Minecraft blog has stated that the company has owned games for the past 6 years and is allowing players to play games without a Microsoft account. However, this situation will change in 2021.

Players who have the original version of the game and do not choose a Microsoft account will not be able to play.

Since its cross-platform release in 2011, the game has had two versions that were developed separately.

The original Minecraft game (Java version) previously used a Mojang Studios account, while one copy (Bedrock version) used a Microsoft account.

After the change, the account will be the same, but you will no longer be able to use other versions of the game to play with friends.

Mojang Studios said: Players who migrate from their Mojang Studios account will not lose any information.

The new account offers two-factor authentication and other security features previously provided by the (Bedrock) version, such as: b. Parental Control, which is the ability to block conversations and invitations for young players on servers. Multiple.

Over the next few months, players will receive bulk emails for broadcast. If they manage to create a new account, they will receive additional notifications through their profile page.

Mojang stated that the username in the game would not be affected. However, if you don't follow Microsoft's standards, you may need to log in with a different username.

When you consider that players have eight years to explore these names, there may not be many names to choose from.

"Using a Microsoft account to offer these new features is much easier than building from scratch," Mojang Studios said.

Three years ago, players requested a dual review as long as the game provided a place to buy and sell content.

Reportedly, the move isn't as shocking as Facebook's decision to request an account from Facebook to use Oculus, but Minecraft is still one of the greatest games in the world.

If many players still want to play the game, they should act

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