Microsoft refers to xCloud TV Streaming Device
Microsoft refers to xCloud TV Streaming Device

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft and Xbox games, has indicated that the company plans to produce cloud-based (xCloud) game-streaming media devices for televisions.

In an interview, Spencer discussed the possibility of an additional category (Xbox Game Pass) so that broadcast equipment could be included in the TV to play games for free (xCloud).

Spencer said, "If you think of live streaming devices and other things that other people might want to connect to a TV to play xCloud games, consider lower-end devices as part of our hardware. Ecosystem."

He added: You can imagine that the subscription (Xbox Game Pass) includes content so you can stream the games (xCloud) to the TV and buy a controller.

Spencer is also hoping to release the new Xbox Game Pass Platinum, which will allow subscribers access to the new Xbox console.

The software giant previously offered Xbox and hardware subscriptions through (Xbox All Access), ensuring access to Xbox Game Pass and the latest hardware (Xbox Series X) and (Xbox Series X).

It should be noted that the idea of ​​streaming Xbox games to TVs is not new to Microsoft as Microsoft developed Xbox handheld broadcasters in 2016 but scrapped those devices.

Since the company offered to broadcast Halo 4 games to Windows and Windows Phone devices over the cloud in 2013, Microsoft has explored the potential to create streaming devices.

Spencer's public speaking on streaming media indicates that he may be ready soon.

Microsoft partnered with Samsung on (xCloud) earlier this year. This means it is only a matter of time before game streaming services become available on Samsung Smart TVs.

Microsoft plans to update the code on the server to be compatible with the powerful Xbox Series X platform. (XCloud) will appear on Facebook Gaming next year.

Microsoft is also developing a web-based (iOS) solution for xCloud, which is expected to launch in early 2021.

Spencer warned that the Service Challenge (xCloud) is still missing from the App Store. He said: We have a good iOS solution and I think it will be released early next year. I have a solution for us. satisfied.

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