Mouse and trackpad support across the iPad Office suite
Mouse and trackpad support across the iPad Office suite

Microsoft announced two important updates to some Office Productivity Suite apps for Apple iPad users.

The software giant promised to update Office apps for the iPad earlier this year. Updates for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps are now available on the App Store.

Currently, the update is slow to roll out to users and everyone should have access to it within the next few weeks.

The software giant initially expanded Word, Excel and PowerPoint to include touchpad and mouse support.

Apple added trackpad and mouse support in iPadOS 13.4 earlier this year, using a variety of ways to view and use the cursor.

Microsoft uses the same method to automatically change the pointer based on the tool or task that appears when you move the mouse in a compatible Office application.

With this feature, you can now use the built-in trackpad on Apple Magic Keyboard to transfer text, images, and other objects in (Word), (Excel) and (PowerPoint).

As with other applications that use Magic Keyboard, the cursor can highlight text in (Word), resize images and charts in (PowerPoint), and select multiple cells in (Excel).

Another notable feature that has been added to the three AVIS apps themselves is the updated home screen and the new function menu bar, allowing users to access many of the features that the app provides.

According to the flyer, the new look aims to provide a cleaner user interface so that you can easily find what you need.

Microsoft released the new announcement after it supported opening multiple Word and PowerPoint documents on a split screen, placing the mouse over the screen on the iPad, and keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft announced plans to roll out multi-document support for Excel later this year, as well as support for offline files for cloud files and the best new right-click menu.

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