Zoom provides encryption for all users around the world
Zoom provides encryption for all users around the world

After criticizing the use of non-standard encryption, Zoom E2EE introduced all video encoding on mobile and desktop devices.

(Zoom) announced that (E2EE) is available to users through Android, Windows and Mac systems, and that the (iOS) version of the (Zoom) app has not yet been approved after reviewing the Apple Store.

This feature will be released as a 30-day tech snapshot in which (Zoom) aims to collect customer feedback on the E2EE experience.

The company last week announced plans to enable E2EE functionality and support Zoom's E2EE conference with up to 200 participants.

(Zoom in / Zoom out) Create a separate encryption key that is used to encrypt audio and video calls between conference participants.

The key is stored on the user's device and is not shared with the server (zoom). This means that the company cannot access or intercept any meeting content.

The company said in a statement: (E2EE) uses 256-bit encryption (AES) to protect online meetings in (GCM) mode.

Jason Lee, Chief Information Officer at Zoom, said, “Our customers have requested a lot from this feature and we have been able to develop this security feature in just six months. We are so happy that it has become a reality.

Zoom's cloud-based meeting server generates an encryption key for every meeting and uses the Zoom app to distribute it to meeting participants when they attend a regular meeting.

The meeting host generates the encryption keys and distributes these keys to the other meeting participants using public key cryptography.

The company account administrator can activate (E2EE) at the account, group, and user level in the web interface and the supervisor can activate or deactivate (E2EE) or deactivate (E2EE).

It does not support the first step to publish Zoom E2EE in the browser. Meeting attendees must join from the Zoom desktop app, mobile app, or Zoom room to activate the E2EE meeting.

This release is the first of four phases associated with the (Zoom) introduction of end-to-end encryption plan. The next stage is currently planned for next year.

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