Nokia is developing a system that automatically detects people with Corona
Nokia is developing a system that automatically detects people with Corona

Nokia has developed an automated system that uses thermal cameras and real-time video analytics technology to detect people who are showing symptoms of the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) and are not wearing masks to prevent employees from returning to work.

The Finnish company started the system two months ago at a plant in Chennai, India, and inspected more than 200,000 people at the facility, which was later closed under Indian regulations. Coronavirus outbreak. There are currently more than 1000 employees.

The head of Analytics and Internet of Things at Nokia (Amit Shah) told Reuters that the system detects whether a person is hot or not wearing a mask and sends an alert to the operations center.

The system has its own privacy settings that allow facial images to be blurred and placed in different locations according to local regulations, eliminating the need to place a person at every checkpoint.

"Nokia's factories and R&D centers are using the system," Shah said. Negotiations over the use of the system in various departments such as North America, Latin America and Asia, schools and government buildings have also entered a "very advanced stage".

Nokia says customers can add more features to the product, including predictive monitoring, automated maintenance and security threats.

In another aspect related to Nokia, telecom companies Orange and Proximus have chosen Nokia to help build a 5G network in Belgium. Because they left Huawei under pressure from the United States to force the Chinese company not to ship large telecom devices.

The contract to supply radio to Nokia Orange Belgium and Proximus is seen as a driving force for Nokia, and even when Huawei comes under pressure, Nokia has always struggled to advance in the 5G market earlier this year.

"I've been trying to become a RAN provider in Orange Belgium since 2003, when the company was still called Mobistar. After all, we did," Nokia's head of cell phone networks (Tommy Oito) said in a tweet.

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