Twitter is blocking the Trump campaign account from Twitter
Twitter is blocking the Trump campaign account from Twitter

Today, Thursday, Twitter temporarily blocked tweets from US President Donald Trump's campaign account, saying: The video clip from the account of the Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden) violating its rules.

The video posted by the @ TeamTrump account, citing information published in the New York Post on Wednesday, detailing Hunter Biden's alleged business relationship with Ukrainian energy companies, said: The former vice president met with the company's advisors. .

Trump's campaign account added a caption to the video: "Joe Biden is a liar who has plundered our country for years."

Twitter said: The video violated the rules for publishing private information, adding that the account may need to delete the post in order to resume Twitter.

Regarding Trump, when asked what he did on Twitter, he said: "All of this will result in a major lawsuit. Some things can happen and they are very dangerous. I don't want them to happen." But it is more likely to happen. "

Twitter said Wednesday: (The New York Post News) is a violation of the "pirated" policy that prohibits distributing pirated content containing private information or trade secrets or exposing people to the risk of personal injury.

It should be noted that Facebook and Twitter took precautionary measures on Wednesday to reduce coverage within hours of the New York Post press release.

After Twitter released the New York Post, Twitter imposed similar restrictions on the account of White House Press Secretary Kylie McNane on Wednesday.

In addition, Twitter confirmed that it would remove posts that do not approve of the so-called "Holocaust" or "Holocaust" two days after Facebook implemented the same policy.

"We strongly condemn anti-Semitism and acts of hatred do not benefit us," a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday. "We also have strict policies to embellish violence and take action. Take action against content that glorifies or glorifies violence and historic genocide, including: The Holocaust."

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