Norway accuses Russia of breaching its parliament
Norway accuses Russia of breaching its parliament

Norway has accused Russia of infiltrating its system, and government officials said state-sponsored hackers were behind the leaked messaging system in the Norwegian Parliament in August.

The Norwegian Representative Marian Andreasen said in a press statement: The hackers penetrated the e-mail accounts of officials and elected employees and stole a lot of information from them.

"This is a very serious incident affecting our main democratic system," said Norwegian Foreign Minister En Eriksen Søred.

The minister added that no evidence was provided: We believe that based on the information available to the government, it is Russia that is responsible for these activities.

The accident and the proposed intervention in foreign policy are the subject of serious disputes between Norwegian national security officials.

According to local media, among the victims of the violations of the Norwegian parliament are members of the opposition Labor Party and the Central Party.

Moscow denied the request, describing it as a serious and deliberate provocation. As CyberScoop noted, the Russian embassy in Oslo played down these allegations, arguing that they were unacceptable and harm bilateral relations.

The embassy said, "Every year, millions of cyber attacks are carried out on the Russian government's Internet resources from abroad. This does not give us the right to ignore the authorities in the potential country of origin."

There is no technical evidence for Norway, but Norway is part of NATO, which is a security group.

While the Norwegian security and intelligence services are still investigating the vulnerability, details of the hacking incident in the Norwegian Parliament are still very rare.

Martin Prinsen, a spokesman for the Norwegian Police Security Service, declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

The allegations further exacerbated the already strained relations between the two countries. In August of last year, Norway expelled a Russian diplomat for alleged involvement in the espionage case, and days later, it expelled a Norwegian diplomat.

People often suspect that Russia is trying to infiltrate various governments around the world. In 2016, the United States accused Russia of infiltrating the Democratic National Committee and interfering in its elections.

Government officials from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada recently claimed that Russian state-sponsored hackers were trying to steal valuable private information about coronavirus vaccine trials.

National legislation is often the target of cyber espionage. The Prime Minister said that the Australian Parliament will be attacked by a representative of a developed country in February 2019.

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