YouTube blocked false information about Covid-19 virus vaccine
YouTube blocked false information about Covid-19 virus vaccine

YouTube said today (Wednesday) that it will delete videos promoting misleading information about the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine and expand its existing rules to ban the lies and conspiracy theories related to the epidemic.

The world's largest video sharing site says: All vaccine-related (Covid-19) content that is claimed to conflict with the consensus of the local health authority or the World Health Organization will now be blocked.

YouTube said in a blog post: This includes removing claims that the vaccine kills or causes infertility or implanting microchips in people who receive the vaccine.

A YouTube spokesperson told Reuters: The public discussion in the video said that the "widespread interest" in vaccines will not go away and will remain on the platform.

During the outbreak, conspiracy theories and misinformation about emerging coronavirus vaccines spread through social media, including anti-vaccine videos on YouTube that spread even to many other platforms.

Although drug companies and researchers are studying different treatments, vaccines are still at the center of the long-running battle against the new coronavirus. The Corona virus has so far killed one million people, infected 38 million and paralyzed the global economy.

YouTube said it has removed content that questions the existence or spread of (Covid-19), promotes unproven treatments, discourages people from using medical services, or specifically opposes advice from health officials in this regard. Self-isolation or social distancing.

YouTube said on its blog: Since the beginning of February last year, more than 200,000 videos related to dangerous or misleading information have been deleted from the (Covid-19) virus.

The site also states: This limits the spread of misinformation about the virus (Covid-19), including some different videos of the (Covid-19) vaccine. The website spokesman refused to provide examples of such different content.

YouTube said it would announce more achievements in the coming weeks. Ensure reliable information about the (Covid-19) vaccine on the website.

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