OnePlus 8T removes the pre-installed Facebook app
OnePlus 8T removes the pre-installed Facebook app

Chinese company OnePlus has removed pre-installed Facebook services and apps from its latest phones (OnePlus 8T).

The company entered into an agreement to use the Facebook service, Facebook app installer, and Facebook app manager as system apps through its smartphones.

The move came after the company was criticized for installing Facebook applications and services on (OnePlus North), (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) devices.

OnePlus has confirmed the news, which means that its latest phone (OnePlus 8T) will only be available with OnePlus, Google and Netflix software already installed.

You can remove pre-installed Facebook services and apps from (OnePlus Nord), (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) phones such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. However, the background service cannot be deleted.

Background services, installers, and application managers are installed as system applications that cannot be removed and can only be disabled.
Background services are said to use a small amount of data in the background even when you are not using Facebook's services and apps. This is a problem because you don't know what data you want to share with Facebook.

OnePlus said: Netflix comes pre-installed on the OnePlus 8T to improve HDR.

The company refused to confirm that Facebook's services and apps had not been preinstalled.

She also declined to comment on how the owners of (OnePlus Nord), (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) uninstalled Facebook services and apps from their devices.

This information indicates that the situation is much more complex than the actual situation and that there is no easy-to-use way to remove Facebook services from the originally connected phone, and that removing these services may affect the user's experience. .

The company said: It has heard users' opinions about the reason for its new decision and the change of attitude.

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