Samsung mocks Apple for canceling the iPhone charger
Samsung mocks Apple for canceling the iPhone charger

Samsung used social media platforms to mock Apple, and the company recently decided to remove the charger from the iPhone 12 cover.

Apple announced the move at its main event on October 13, making it part of the company's environmental agenda.

In addition to the devices (iPhone 12) and (iPhone 12 Pro), the other iPhone models Apple currently sells also lack chargers.

Apple's removal of the charger might be frustrating for some people, but from an iPhone manufacturer's point of view, most people have a lot of chargers.

It estimates that this will also bring significant environmental benefits, which means that 450,000 cars will be discontinued each year as a result of this change (2 million tons of carbon).

In the last year, Samsung stopped mocking Apple's marketing methods due to differences between iPhone and Galaxy smartphones.

It appears to be short-lived as Samsung - which it has done many times in the past - mocked Apple's new move in a Facebook post.

And the blog announced that it contains the image of the Galaxy charger, meaning that the Galaxy device comes with a simple charging accessory.

He said in the article: Galaxy Devices Can Get What You Need; Such as the charger, camera, battery, power, memory and 120 Hz screen displayed on the smartphone.

Samsung has always mocked Apple's latest actions.

Additionally, Galaxy phone makers mocked Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack before taking steps to remove the sarcastic ads.

Some of Samsung's popular offensive ads relate to the vulnerability that Apple created for the iPhone X.

A report released by ETNews in early July revealed rumors that the Korean company is planning to remove chargers from some Galaxy devices starting in 2021.

The report said: The company is considering taking out the charger. Because a lot of people have chargers and they help cut costs.

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