Report: Twitter was unable to pay off the minor celebrity hack
Report: Twitter was unable to pay off the minor celebrity hack

A report released today stated that Twitter has vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. In July of last year, this resulted in a "small" hack attributed to a Florida teenager in which the young man had captured the characters of many of the world's most famous celebrities.

The report, issued by the New York Treasury Department, also recommended that large social media companies such as some banks receive special treatment after the 2008 financial crisis, and that special regulators be put in place to monitor their ability to resist cyber attacks and interfere in elections.

"The fact that Twitter has suffered from lagging attacks shows that self-regulation is not the answer," said Linda Laswell, CFO.

Although Twitter did not comment on the report, it did admit that some employees were tricked into sharing data in order to authenticate accounts prior to the hack.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered an investigation after a celebrity's Twitter account was hacked on July 15 on suspicion of fraud involving the theft of more than $ 118,000 in cryptocurrency.

Among those whose accounts have been hacked: the current US presidential candidate (Joe Biden), the former US president (Barack Obama), three wealthy people: (Jeff Bezos), (Bill Jay (TS), (Elon Musk), and the singers (Kanye West) ) And his wife, reality TV star (Kim Kardashian).

Laswell said the hackers said they worked for Twitter's IT department after contacting several employees, claiming that they were fixing the company's virtual network issue that became necessary when employees were working from home to obtain connection information.

The report said: "The visits of hackers to use this simple technology confirmed the existence of security flaws in the network and the possible dire consequences for Twitter." He also noted that the absence of Twitter in the absence of a chief information security officer made the company more vulnerable. .

Florida prosecutors said: (Graham Evan Clark) was the mastermind behind the hackers. They accused the 17-year-old of being an adult and committing 30 crimes. Clark himself denied the charge. The federal prosecutor charged two other people with contributing to the hack.

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