Conico Waterproof Home Surveillance Camera
Conico Waterproof Home Surveillance Camera

Outdoor Security Camera, Conico 1080P IP66 Home Security Camera, IP66 Waterproof Camera (with Voice Motion Detection), Night Vision, Two-Way Audio Storage, 2.4G WiFi Connection

Cloud storage service

The Conico Wireless Surveillance Camera provides cloud storage and micro SD card storage (up to 128GB). Cloud storage complies with financial encryption standards with which all the data that matters to you can be saved, viewed, downloaded and shared freely. There is no micro SD card on our package.

Real-time notification

When a moving object or sound is detected, an alarm will be triggered and you will receive notifications in real time. The home security camera also downloads the captured photos / videos and saves them to the micro SD card or cloud. If intruders enter, you can also use the "alert" feature to deter them and get away from your home.

Scare intruders

The wireless surveillance camera has a built in microphone and answering machine. You can listen and speak through the mobile application. By being able to see and hear what's going on, you can better understand what's going on in the home when you're not there. If there are intruders, you can send an alert remotely to them.

Automatic day and night switching

When the light changes, the day / night mode can be switched automatically. The Conico waterproof camera is equipped with 3 infrared LEDs that you can see clearly at night. The maximum radiation distance is 30 meters. Even in the dark of night, you can see the situation clearly from a distance of 10 meters.

Share with the family

You can share outdoor cameras with spouses, grandparents, parents, etc. Everyone in the family can know what's going on in your home for the first time. The possibilities to connect the camera to mobile devices (phones, tablets, computers) and watch live video at the same time are endless.

Compatible with Aelxa

The Conico Bullet Camera can use real-time video with Alexa. If you get a moving alert but busy hands, you can watch the video in real time with voice control. Just say, "Echo, show me the front door camera" and Amazon Echo will show you what's happening at the front door. Observing the properties is easy and you can check out which method makes you interesting.

Conico Waterproof Home Surveillance Camera
Conico Waterproof Home Surveillance Camera

  • AI Intelligent Speech Recognition] Conico outdoor surveillance cameras support mobile devices / speech / face and human recognition with adjustable sensitivity. When this option is enabled, an alert will be sent, a screenshot will be taken and a video clip (longer than 10 seconds) will be recorded. Even if an intruder destroys the security camera, you can view these alert videos in the cloud storage.
  • [Compatibility and Cloud Storage] After you are connected to 2.4G WiFi and activated via Alexa, Conico Home Security cameras with echo screen and echo points can be used. You can use MIPC cloud or micro SD card (up to 128GB) to store videos or photos from IP surveillance cameras.
  • Instant alarm and two-way sound] The wireless surveillance camera is equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker that allows you to talk to visitors directly. The integrated deterrent alarm system keeps intruders away from your home. Even when you are away from work, you can protect your home and belongings from being lost with mobile apps.
  • [IP66 waterproof and durable, with IP66 waterproof professional design. The temperature range of this outdoor wifi camera is -2 ° F ~ 131 ° F, so over time it has financial grade encryption technology violent like storms and heavy snow which can save your feelings.
  • (1080P Perfect Night Vision The Conico Home Security Camera features 1080P HD night vision feature that gives customers clear night vision (up to 32 feet). 24-hour monitoring can be switched by auto switching day / night mode automatically depending on the change of light.

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