Teckin TC100-1-USA2 FHD Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Camera
Teckin TC100-1-USA2 FHD Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Camera

Teckin Cam 1080P FHD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Security Camera, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion & Voice Recognition, Desk Stand / Wall Mount & Ceiling Mount / Sports Mode, Suitable for Children / Pets / Old People (White Broken)

Cloud storage 7-15 days / month / year

Teckin Click can automatically record 10-15 seconds of alarm video when motion or sound is detected. Videos can be uploaded securely to Teckin Cloud and watched for 7 to 15 days without a subscription. Additionally, Teckin offers monthly and yearly cloud services.

7 hours global response

Teckin posted the latest guidance on July 7, 2020 sincerely and aims to respond to every user within 7 hours.

7-year membership and Teckin Application

As a Teckin Click user, you can use the Teckin Click app to make your home more interesting.

  • EASY TO USE - TECKIN CAM configured and powered by Teckin app over 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. It can be installed on the wall or placed on the shelf. Enjoy live broadcasting with 1080p wide angle view and 108 degree online transmission.
  • Motion / Sound Detection - TECKIN CAM detects sound and motion to record videos automatically. A notification will be sent to your phone when the Teckin app starts. When you're not there, you can be sure.
  • Two-way audio and night vision - TECKIN CAM can have two-way conversations with people in the room, from family members to pets. Night vision mode using 6 infrared lights allows you to see clearly from 32 feet in the dark.
  • SHARE WITH FAMILY - With TECKIN CAM, you can share real-time broadcast moments with your family via the Teckin app. You can check in with your family, pets, or home while you are away.
  • Cloud service and SD storage - TECKIN CAM provides dual T-Cloud storage and SD storage (max 128GB) for videos. We offer free T-Cloud storage services and upgrade packages according to your needs.

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