Controller Battery Pack Charger For Xbox One
Controller Battery Pack Charger For Xbox One

AmazonBasics PBH-90063-2 Controller Charger for Xbox One S Controllers - White (Not Compatible with Xbox One S Full Digital Controller)

AmazonBasics Xbox One Controller Charger (Type S)

Leave the console turned on and ready to use with the AmazonBasics Controller Charger for Xbox One. When the console battery is low, the space-saving charger can easily charge one or two batteries. It contains two 1200mAh NiMH batteries that are specifically used to charge the Xbox One console.

Unlike a large charging stand, the charger does not take up any space and does not require a power cord. Alternatively, install the L-shaped charging dock in the front corner of the Xbox One console and connect it directly to the front of the console.

USB connection

The charger has its own front USB port that can compensate for the USB port used in the console. The USB data usage and power supply of the charger, consoles or other devices can be connected via the port, so you can play games continuously while the battery is charging.

Two battery slots

The charger has two separate compartments, each of which can accommodate the Xbox One console's battery. Charge one or two batteries at a time.

LED screen ready

After the controller battery is fully charged, the charging LED lights up for convenience. Each compartment has its own LED light. The two pairs (cabin and indicator light) are marked with "1" and "2" so you know which battery matches the indicator light.

Controller Battery Pack Charger For Xbox One
Controller Battery Pack Charger For Xbox One

  • Controller Charger for Xbox One (Model S, not compatible with the all-digital version of Xbox One S); Two packages contain 1200mAh Ni-MH batteries for the Xbox One controller
  • Connect to the front corner of the Xbox One controller using the USB connection. No power cord needed; Little space required (unlike charging station)
  • You can charge two Xbox One controller batteries at the same time. LED display "ready" for each charging slot
  • USB data and power pass - Plug in a console or other device and keep playing while the battery is charging
  • It's backed by AmazonBasics' one-year limited warranty
  • Battery charger holder interface and metal spring charge classification (material: carbon steel + nickel plating) battery lock with mechanical lock method to remove battery: spring ejection + mechanical lock
  • LED charging indicator: Yes, for battery
  • Battery Lock Tab: Protect battery security with hard lock / unlock

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