Will Android Phone Makers Follow Apple Soon?
Will Android Phone Makers Follow Apple Soon?

The entire Android community may soon discover what Apple did with the launch of the iPhone 12. We are not talking about new designs, features or technologies. Because Apple announced new phones without chargers, and Android device manufacturers can do that.

How will Apple users charge their phones?

Users will rely on old wired or wireless chargers as Apple shrinks parts of the new iPhone to achieve a greener goal. New iPhone Packaging Box is more environmentally friendly and is used there. The thumb. The percentage of recycled fibers.

IPhone 12 still came with a power cord (USB-C), but no headphone or jack. If you do not have an iPhone charger, you will need to purchase a separate charger. If you have other devices equipped with the Apple ecosystem (MagSafe), they can be used to charge your iPhone 12.

Now there are rumors: Android phone manufacturers will also follow Apple. If the goal is to get rid of existing waste, then this can be done because every smartphone sold today comes with a new charger.

By reducing waste, technology companies can help create a better world. You can turn off chargers and other necessities first that most people already have. It's not a bad decision, but of course, companies should make it available for those who don't have their chargers. Solution.

According to the South Korean website (ETNews), Samsung plans to sell its next smartphone without a charger in the box early next year. Although the South Korean company Samsung did not confirm this news, the cost reduction may be one of the reasons for this decision, given that the price of smartphones has risen sharply over the past decade and the price of the Galaxy S20, which costs $ 1,499, is the maker of the Ultra. Smartphones have increased the prices of their devices because current smartphones have crossed the $ 1000 mark.

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