GCHT GAMING Switch Controller with Wake Up
GCHT GAMING Switch Controller with Wake Up

GCHT GAMING Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch, with Wake Up Compatible with Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite, NFC, Turbo, Gyroscope, Dual Shock and Pro Controller (Blue Red White)

This product belongs to Switch Pro bluetooth controller. Connect to Switch Console via bluetooth, support wired connection, have NFC and alarm functions.


(1) It contains all switches and functions as the original switch control unit, and adds turbine speed settings and functions to adjust engine vibration.
(2) Provide 4 green LED status indicators and one orange LED charge indicator;
(3) Insert 20 function keys, "call" key is suitable for initial pairing and closing;
(4) Built-in double motors, high-precision 3D vibrator;
(5) With a six-axis gyroscope;
(6) Support for recognition of Amibo dolls with NFC function.
(7) Compatible with PC controller, support X_input mode (device name: XBOX 360 controller).

Turbo function, just press and hold a key like A, B, X and Y, then press the "Turbo" button. The corresponding button is activated in turbo mode. While holding down the "Turbo" button on the controller, perform the correct 3D up and down operations simultaneously to adjust the turbo speed. The three speed cycle is fast and slow for neutralization.

The function of the control unit is to adjust the intensity of the vibrations and the intensity of the vibrations. In the "Settings" option for the controller, you can manually activate or deactivate the controller driver's vibration function. While communicating with the controller, in the "Search Controller" interface of the controller, press and hold the "Turbo" button on the controller and simultaneously carry out a left and up 3D operation, which may increase or decrease the intensity of the motor vibration, in general 100% -70% -30% -0% Four parts user can select and set;

GCHT GAMING Switch Controller with Wake Up
GCHT GAMING Switch Controller with Wake Up

  • Professional console upgrade: This console is equipped with NFC technology and wakes up from sleep mode. The console is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch, including all original switches. This easy-to-use console can be connected quickly and easily. GCHT GAMING Pro Controller is the best gift for you, your family and friends.
  • High performance game: This console will help you achieve high professional performance. The control unit has dedicated motion / turbo / rumble controls. The adjustable turbine speed is fast, neutral and slow. The intensity of the vibration motor can be adjusted to total 100% -70% -30% -0% in order to achieve the best comfort and thus great playing experience.
  • Extended Battery: We use only the best battery, and the battery comes with a large battery with a capacity of 500mAh. When fully charged, the battery can last 10 hours. The console charges for 2 hours using the included USB Type-C cable.
  • Custom Design: The console features a special non-slip handle for better control. The dual touch joystick provides precise movements and an excellent feel. The upgraded controller contains sensitive controls to ensure precise control of the entire drive.
  • The product comes with: (1 x Switch Pro Controller, 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x User's Manual). Our goal is to keep playing games and offer 12 months warranty on our products. Thank you for working with us to ensure a continuous gameplay and positive experience.

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