Qiaoting Switch Remote Gamepad with Joystick
Qiaoting Switch Remote Gamepad with Joystick

Qiaoting Switch Controller, Nintendo Switch Gamepad Wireless Pro Controller with joystick, adjustable turbo vibration, comfortable non-slip

Fully compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

It contains 6 gyroscopes, 2 motors and a turbo function. It's the best alternative console for playing Nintendo games (like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon).

Fast charging and advanced wireless connectivity

With the high capacity battery, you can enjoy 6-8 hours of uninterrupted gaming after a full charge.
Wireless connectivity supports stable connection within 27 feet (open area), low interference, and ease of use.

Integrated 6-axis gyroscope sensor

Find console tilt and quick response that give you more ways to play games.
When playing motion-sensing games, the immersion in the game is greatly improved.

A screen shot

Get a screenshot feature that helps you record your perfect moments in the game so you can show it to your friends and share your happiness.

Turbocharging function

However, with the amazing turbocharging feature, you can easily win the game without pressing the button multiple times. It can also extend the life of the button by reducing the number of times the button is pressed.

Double shock

The two integrated motors give you excellent vibration feedback and improve the immersion in the game.

Non-slip design

It has an ergonomic stand that's specially designed for the grip and made with a sweat-proof material to ensure the stability of the console.

Qiaoting Switch Remote Gamepad with Joystick
Qiaoting Switch Remote Gamepad with Joystick

  • [Designed for Switch and Turbo functions] Compatible with all Nintendo Switch systems. The best alternative to switching games is switching consoles. Use the Turbo Boost function to win arcade or action games with ease.
  • [Ergonomic Non-Slip Design] Based on ergonomic design, it fits in your hand and easier to hold than other controls. Thanks to the non-slip design, you can control the game regularly without worrying about your hands getting sweaty.
  • [Vibration sensor and rotation function] Use two vibration motors, giving you excellent vibration response to improve immersion in the game. With the help of the 6-axis gyroscope sensor, the controller can detect the function and tilt the controller and react quickly, which makes playing motion sensor games more fun.
  • [Wireless connection and high capacity battery] Through the high-speed wireless connection, you can enjoy the game immediately. The built in high capacity 550mAh battery can run continuously for 8 hours after being fully charged. Please ensure that you can play continuously for a long time.
  • [Customer Service] We provide high quality customer service. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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