Global-store PS4 Controller Wired Joystick Gamepad
Global-store PS4 Controller Wired Joystick Gamepad

Wired controller for PS4 and Playstation with PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro, PC (Windows 7/8/10, some games not compatible with PC), PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro Dual Vibration and Shock Control Pad 4 Controller

PS4 cable controller
Stores all over the world are using redesigned wired PS4 controller with touch button to keep you comfortable and bring you different gaming experience. The dual vibration function lets you focus more on thrilling games.

◆ PS4 game console with 2.1m USB cable, no instant plug and play, no sync, support PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro and also provide strong and reliable connection to computer.
◆ The cool ps4 console supports vibration function through the motor built into each controller.
Improved analog joystick and start button to allow players to precisely control PS4.
◆ Share button: With the addition of a share button, you can easily share the most exciting moments in the game.
◆ The new ps4 console has an ergonomic design, and thanks to its lightweight structure, it is also comfortable for long continuous games.
◆ The non-slip surface of the PS4 console provides a better grip on the whole console, thus improving gaming performance.
◆ The ps4 controller can be updated with the USB cable connected to the computer to update the software.

Material: ABS plastic + electronic devices
USB cable length: 2 meters
Net weight: 210g
Dimensions: 2.36 x 3.93 x 6.2 inches
Compatibility: PS4, PC

Global-store PS4 Controller Wired Joystick Gamepad
Global-store PS4 Controller Wired Joystick Gamepad

  • [Reminder] The PS4 console does not include the touch function, the rotating function, the headphone, and the speaker input function. Some games are not compatible with PC ((Windows 7/8/10)).
  • [PS4 Wired Controller] - PS4 wired controller compatible with Playstation 4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim / PC (Windows 7/8/10, some games are not compatible with PC). It's usually plug-and-play and doesn't require any complicated software, drivers, or installations. It can be updated by software update with a USB cable connected to the computer.
  • [Fixed Connection] - PS4 Pro host is equipped with 2M USB connection cable, which ensures free games through stable cable connection and strong signal transmission. Hours of gameplay won't hurt your eyes.
  • ♫ The high-performance PS4 remote control 3D analog joystick can be operated with 360 degree precision in all aspects. Two asymmetric motors are integrated on the left and right to ensure the function of the double vibration fork. The Share button makes it easy to share your best gaming moments with just one click. We offer you an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Perfect Hand Control - This PS4 game console is made of durable ABS material, non-slip technology, ergonomic design and lightweight structure, and it is comfortable to hold, so that you can play for a long time without feeling hand fatigue. Everyone who spends hours on Playstation 4 and PC is a must have.

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