MAXKU PS4 Wireless Gamepad Dual Shock Controller
MAXKU PS4 Wireless Gamepad Dual Shock Controller

MAXKU PS4 Dual Vibration Wireless Game Controller, suitable for Playstation 4 / Pro / Slim / PS 3, with dual vibration game joystick, 6-axis gyro sensor, audio function, small LED display, 500mA

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1. Connect the controller to the PS4 system:
(1) Connect the USB cable to this PS4 console and this controller. (Note: The PS3 console does not support the 6-axis sensor and dual vibration function.)
(2) Press the HOME button to make the LED light strip flash.
(3) If there is a colored LED on the handle, this indicates that the connection was successful.

▲ With the powerful wireless communication technology, a stable signal can be provided within 8 meters without delay or drop in line. It has strong anti-interference performance and is not easily affected by other wireless devices.
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and joystick with charging screen and low power display function.
Built-in color LED lights to indicate joystick channel for player, different LED colors indicate different joysticks.
The combination of two asymmetric motors on the left and right has two anti-impact functions.
Built with 3D accelerometer and gyroscope sensor to provide 6 axis sensor function.
Equipped with 3.5mm headphones and speaker jack that can be used to output audio signals in games.
▲ The joystick supports the touchpad and control pad buttons functions.

MAXKU PS4 Wireless Gamepad Dual Shock Controller
MAXKU PS4 Wireless Gamepad Dual Shock Controller

  • (2020 PS4 / PS3 console new version of MAXKU wireless controller, suitable for Playstation 4, especially convenient, especially the analog joystick and colorful LED lights built in quickly and smoothly and show the joystick channel for players on. The surface made of high quality non-slip material feels easy to use. For the skin, the gorgeous dual analog design of the PS4 remote enhances the console's button design. (Note: This PS4 console does not support FPS and TPS games.)
  • [Dual vibration function] Remote PS4 game vibration function: When you are attacked or collided in the game, it gives different reactions in real time, depending on the game condition and game scene to bring more real game dynamics, each click will immerse you Equipped with 3.5mm headphone jacks Headphones and speakers that can be used to play audio signals in games.
  • [The latest motion detection technology for PS4 consoles includes a built-in 3D accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor with a 6-axis sensor function. It can also quickly transfer all the captured information to the gaming system. This feature allows you to use two PS4 4 controllers to play special games. The battery is very important, too. If you are planning to use PS4 remote control for a long time, 500mAh battery life plays an important role and it is also your best choice.
  • Wide Compatible] This PS4 wireless controller is highly compatible with PS4 / PS4 pro / Slim. This black PS4 wireless controller is from third party company but it is the best alternative for ps4 wireless controller. You can play the game on multiple platforms.
  • [Choose the black PS4 wireless controller that you can choose. You can get a professional quality PS4 controller and it is very good to ship your PlayStation controller. Not only is it made of more durable materials, but it can also read various swipe gestures with the remote touchpad for PS4.

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