Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One
Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One / PS4 / PS5 / PC / Nintendo Switch | Noise suppression, ambient, bass, in-ear, 3.5mm stereo headphone with microphone for clear conversation

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At Karvipark, we believe in our products and strive to provide the best customer support for your shopping experience. If your order has any defects / problems, please notify us immediately to resolve any issues.

How do I use headphones on the PS4? 1. Before using the headset on the PS4, please test it with a mobile phone to make sure it is working properly. 2 Insert the 3.5mm headphone jack into the game board and long press the PS button or enter system settings. 3. "External devices" is displayed. Change the “Sound and Hardware Settings” and “Headphone Output” to “All Sound”.

How do I use headphones on Xbox One? 1. New Xbox One (3.5mm interface on console) → Compatible directly with this headphone. 2. Old version Xbox One (no 3.5mm interface on console) → An additional adapter (not included) is required to be compatible with this headphone. 3. Old version Xbox One must use Microsoft adapter not included in our product.

Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One
Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One

  • Cross-platform compatibility: The Karvipark Gaming Headphones are specially designed for gaming consoles - PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Nintendo Swith, and are also compatible with PCs and consoles Laptops, and even other 3.5mm devices - audio connectivity. The headset provides the most realistic experience for different players.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation: Built-in high-quality 40mm neodymium speakers, using the latest HD chip and headphone design with full noise cancellation to achieve effective noise cancellation, you can't even hear in the gaming world without looking properly from teammates and fun games.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight Design: The size of the helmet can be easily adjusted to fit different heads. The high tensile cables can make your game more open without straining it into a sitting position and can be fully integrated into your game. This ergonomic design provides gamers with a very comfortable experience.
  • High-sensitivity rotating microphone: Specially developed volume control and main microphone mute facilitate setup. No matter whether it is a Skype chat or PUBG chat, the microphone can be randomly rotated 360 degrees from different angles at any time, which is very convenient and comfortable.
  • Worry-free customer service: As long as you are our customer, we will give you a 12-month free exchange or even a full refund from the day you buy the gaming headset, if not man-made damage, we sincerely believe that we will give you more satisfaction with Shopping experience.

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