KINGEAR Cartoon Kitten Switch Pro Controller
KINGEAR Cartoon Kitten Switch Pro Controller

KINGEAR Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite, Kitten Cartoon Wireless Remote Controller, Adjustable Turbo Remote Stand, Pivot Ax, Dual Vibration

Reset button to restore console settings

Reset button to directly restore console settings. If your console cannot contact the switch, reset the console. There is a small hole in the back of the console (the reset button is hidden in this hole) that can be pressed with a needle.

One-click connection

Unlike other switch controllers on the market, the KingEAR Kitten Switch Controller has a separate "one touch" button, so you don't have to press a combination switch to pair your key.

The buttons are comfortable

The button controller is easy to use, has little interference, stable connection, and interacts quickly with control buttons and a sensitive joystick. The ergonomic design and lightweight body make it comfortable even in long-term competitions.

  • [The alarm mode of the Nintendo KINGEAR Switch has an alarm function. When the game console is in standby mode, simply press the HOME button to activate the game console.
  • [Adjustable Turbo Charger and Auto Turbocharger Switch Pro Controller support 3 kinds of boost speed: (5fps, 12fps, 20fps), professional controller with unique auto turbo function! Even if you let go of your finger, the gas function will automatically turn on, completely eliminating the pain point that traditional game consoles tire your fingers, making them more flexible and comfortable.
  • [Two motors and motion control function Our wireless controller has two built in motors that allow you to get cooler and more realistic in-game reactions and a built-in six-axis gyroscope allows you to improve accuracy and experience every detail of the game. Movement, which gives more precise control.
  • 【Fast connectivity and audio function KINGEAR Pro controller supports both wireless and wired connections. Wireless connection mode does not require a driver and can be quickly paired in seconds. In wired mode, this wireless controller supports connecting a headphone to the audio jack for voice chat!
  • Unique gift and design ideas for cats. The Kitten Switch console is cat-inspired. It is a simple and cute style which is very popular among players all over the world. Great for family entertainment by Animal Crossing, parties and Christmas gifts.

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