Lefun Video Doorbell WiFi Security Camera
Lefun Video Doorbell WiFi Security Camera

Video Doorbell Camera, Lefun WiFi 1080P Wireless Doorbell Camera (with 32GB SD / Glockenspiel), Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Smart Doorbell Camera, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, 166 ° Wide Field of View

Lefun 1080p video doorbell camera

In the early days of the Internet of Things, the development of technological products enabled people to keep their homes safe anytime, anywhere. Lefun video doorbell strives to be the most advanced technology that can be used as eyes and ears for up to a month. Day or night, while on the go or busy, you can get notifications on your mobile phone and see who is passing by quickly or at the door to visit. The wireless smart doorbell with Wi-Fi is a great aid to your home security.

1080P video doorbell and HD night vision

The camera doorbell has 1080P high definition night vision, plus night and day vision, which can protect your home security 24/7. IP66 waterproof also means when the wireless doorbell is battery powered. The doorbell monitor camera can be used normally in rainy days.

PRI motion detection

Intelligent video doorbell camera uses this most advanced technology to detect human movement. The sensor automatically detects the human body and sends an alert via the CloudEdge app. Any non-human movement will not trigger an alarm and give you an enjoyable experience.

The battery provides additional safety

When fully charged, the two built-in 6700mAh batteries in this wireless doorbell can be used continuously for 2-4 months (a full charge takes 8-10 hours). Battery life depends on the number of motion detections made per day. If there are less than 10 notifications per day, the doorbell camera can support the regular use of two to three months

Powerful storage method

This wireless home security camera doorbell has powerful storage method, supports SD cards (up to 128GB) and cloud storage. Lefun video doorbell camera comes with pre-installed 32GB SD card and 7 days free trial of cloud storage which gives you better experience.

Share with the family

There is no limit to the number of users that can share a single doorbell with a wireless camera. You can add family members to the group share in the CloudEdge Home Security doorbell app. Your family can take care of your outside information. All users will receive a notification that doorbell movement has been detected in the IP Camera.

Easy installation steps

The wireless smart doorbell is easy to install and can be configured with your home security system. By following the application's easy-to-use instructions, all users can complete installation and configuration in minutes. Faster installation steps allow faster access to a safe home environment.

Lefun Video Doorbell WiFi Security Camera
Lefun Video Doorbell WiFi Security Camera

  • [1080P HD & Night Vision System] The security camera doorbell can be used to monitor your front door and provide clear pictures when someone visits or passes by your home day or night.
    (166 degree motion detection and wireless video doorbell) with 166 degree viewing angle screen can protect your home in real time 24 hours a day. Lefun Wi-Fi Security Camera doorbell uses the most advanced motion sensor which can detect moving human activity within about 10 minutes.
    (2.4G Wi-Fi and IP65 waterproof doorbell surveillance cameras connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (5GHz Wi-Fi not supported). According to the IP65 waterproof design, the wireless doorbell can be used together with the camera perfectly in all weather conditions.
    [Two audio channels and two memory modes. You can use the app to speak to the door knocker in real time, or set a voice message 30 seconds in advance to quickly respond if you are not comfortable. The most powerful battery in this smart doorbell camera has two 32GB cloud storage areas and a local SD card (included) to provide you with the best security system for your home.
    [Long-lasting battery and 3-level stability function, this Wi-Fi wireless video camera doorbell has a built-in 6700mAh battery that can be used for 2 to 4 months after a full charge (when the wireless doorbell is activated) The phone reminds you to charge a low battery . Follow setup instructions and quickly set up Lefun wireless doorbell camera in 3 steps in 5 minutes.

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