ALLRIER JCB-1 Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector
ALLRIER JCB-1 Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector

ALLRIER Spy Detector, Hidden Camera Finder & RF Detector, Malfunction Detector, Wireless GPS Tracker With Hidden Camera, Hearing Aid Finder

Infrared scanning

The dedicated infrared lens and infrared LED light will help you find invisible wired or wireless cameras including hidden cameras, spy cameras, WiFi cameras, pinhole cameras, IP cameras, etc.

Detection of magnetic field signal

In magnetic field detection mode, it can detect location of magnetism and defects, emergency magnet finder and GPS tracker with magnetic field probe.

Detect the radio frequency signal

In the RF detection mode, wireless surveillance cameras can be detected, and devices and power can be tracked through the antenna. There are also SIM cards (2G, 3G, 4G) and GSM monitors.

Conference room

They can be used in offices, important business negotiations, and confidential meetings to protect your conversations and business secrets.

Motels and hotels

Hotel or cloakroom may be monitored. With camera detector, you can accurately identify hidden cameras as well as spy and bug cameras.


This signal finder is the best choice for understanding vehicle tracking devices and GPS signal positioning devices.

ALLRIER JCB-1 Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector
ALLRIER JCB-1 Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector

  • [Data protection] Allerier advanced chip detector features more powerful and comprehensive functions and at the same time offers extremely high detection performance, high sensitivity, various intelligent and dynamic analysis functions. Long life and more durable materials. It's designed for multiple bugs, invisible cameras, automated trackers, and targeted prevention development. Fully protect your privacy and security.
  • [Multiple Detection Modes] The viewfinder provides multiple detection functions including laser scanning, high-frequency signal detection, and magnetic field detection. Greater sensitivity and wider detection frequency range. It can effectively detect and detect faults, GPS trackers, invisible wireless cameras, wired security cameras, car and phone monitoring devices, digital monitoring and tracking systems, radiation from electronic devices, other signal sources, etc.
  • Versatile and Powerful] Spy Finder allows you to find hidden cameras, track cars, listen and more. With hidden rear cameras, the detector can provide RF signal detection and laser scanning at the same time, leaving the hidden camera anywhere. In order to combat tracking, it supports detection of magnetic field signals, with which the GPS tracker locations can be accurately located. The superior sensitivity and large detection area can protect your privacy.
  • [Scope of Application] This detector can be used in personal places, important business negotiations, home, hotel rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, car trackers, government institutions, etc. Regardless of time and place, if you do not trust your surroundings, the detector can help you feel safe.
  • Easy to use, improved portability, lightweight, easy to use and transport. If the scanner detects a suspicious magnetic field or wireless signal, it will notify you of indicator lights, vibrations, or ringtones. With the special laser lens and LED laser light, you can scan the invisible wired or wireless cameras. Signal detector sensitivity can be adapted to actual needs.

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