Review Oriflame Wireless Gamepad for Sony Playstation 4
Oriflame Wireless Gamepad for Sony Playstation 4

Oriflame PlayStation 4 Wireless Bluetooth Controller with USB cable Compatible with Windows PC

The Oriflame Playstation 4 Wireless Controller has familiar controls and many innovative user functions in a new era of interactive experiences. The analog joystick and shutter button have been improved for better feel and sensitivity. Multiple touch and clickable touch panels expand gameplay possibilities.

Great compatibility

The PS4 wireless controller is equipped with the latest motion detection technology and built-in 3D gyroscope and accelerator, it can be intelligently compared to Sony Playstation 4 without any other operation. You can enjoy different games on different platforms.

HD Dashboard

D-pad is an unrated high-precision process. It can receive operating signals without deviation. It has high sensitivity and simplifies game type processing.

Non-slip design and sweat proof

The handle can be comfortably held for a long time and it is made of non-slip and sweatproof materials. The surface is gentle on the skin, not just an old plastic stick.

Planning update

This PlayStation 4 controller is designed to provide a great gaming experience. Improved button layout and highly sensitive dual analog controllers can improve the accuracy of key moments and simplify gameplay while reducing response time.

Review Oriflame Wireless Gamepad for Sony Playstation 4
Oriflame Wireless Gamepad for Sony Playstation 4

  • 🎄 [Built-in Precision Control and Speaker] A simplified microcontroller that allows players to control all games on a PlayStation 4 controller. The wireless controller has a built-in speaker and stereo headphone jack that gives gamers a variety of audio options. The 3.5mm audio jack provides a personal audio solution for gamers who want to listen to their games in private.
  • 🎄 【Dual vibration, 6-axis pressure sensor support, make every movement sound, every effect as you create in the game. Hands vibrate in response to every impact, fall, and explosion. 6 Axes: The highly sensitive motion control system detects every movement you make, the characters and objects in the game move and respond to the console's tilt, push, and vibration.
  • 🎄 【Third-party product compatible with PS4 console, PC, Android, and iOS. If you want to connect the console to the computer, you will need to use a mini port cable for the connection, or the buyer will have a bluetooth receiver. You can use the bluetooth receiver to connect to this wireless controller.
  • The ergonomic design features an ergonomic handle that gives you hours of comfortable gaming experience. Revolutionary functions like integrated touch panels and light bars provide exciting new ways to experience and interact with games.
  • Download and share, efficiently at your fingertips. Even if you connect a standard micro USB charger to your PlayStation 4 system, you can easily charge it even when it's on standby. Just adding a share button makes it easy to share your best games. For example, you can download game videos and screenshots directly from the system with a single click, or broadcast games directly without affecting game progress.

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