The end of the Google Daydream virtual reality platform
The end of the Google Daydream virtual reality platform

Google has officially discontinued support for Daydream in Android 11. This is the final step in removing the platform.

In recent years, the platform has become the focus of attention as the platform was closed late last year for new equipment.

The company has posted an advertisement saying that the latest Android version does not support apps on the virtual reality platform.

Read ad: Google Daydream no longer supports virtual reality apps and may not work properly on some devices running Android 11 or later.

Google previously mentioned that virtual reality in smartphones has some restrictions and that people are forced to wear their phones with glasses and lose access to the apps they use throughout the day. It is a big problem.

According to Google, Daydream is no longer supported and will not receive updates, although users can still access third-party virtual reality apps through the Google Play Store.

The company said: Many of Daydream's third-party apps and experiences may still be available as separate apps on the Google Play Store. We don't want users to lose account information or third-party apps because Google doesn't support this, and the Daydream platform doesn't support it. Features.

Google is sidelining the virtual reality platform (Daydream), ending Daydream View, and dropping support for new Pixel phones released in 2019. However, the Daydream app for existing users is still supported.

This support appears to be over now. Daydream is one of the two main virtual reality platforms based on the phone and the Samsung Gear no longer exists.

This platform (Daydream) is symbolic as Google affirms the idea that virtual reality is now part of the Android platform.

The platform has struggled to build a user base or gain support for multiple Android phones, and over the past few years it has been an unknown feature of Google products.

Google has moved from virtual reality to augmented reality but continues to support a simpler cardboard system as an open source project and released the Unity games plugin in May.

Daydream alternatives may not be available anytime soon. Google's demise helped boost Facebook's performance, and Facebook's Oculus platform now dominates the world of consumer virtual reality.

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