PENJOY C25 Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch
PENJOY C25 Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch

PENJOY C25 Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, Joycon Switch Replacement, Wired / Wireless Controller, Programmable Macro, Turbo, Dual Motion Control and Vibration

Are you looking for an alternative switch controller product range? This console is an affordable option. Features: * Precise precise joystick entry without delay, no deflection, dead zone and high sensitivity * 6 individual detection axes - Each game console has an accelerometer and gyroscope * Two integrated dual vibration motors. Allows you to clearly feel every impact, collision and explosion (Note: The shock can only be stopped when using wirelessly) * Original * Two charging methods - 2 hours charging. It can be charged using the following methods, including console (with Type-C) or micro USB cable. Note: 1. This is a third article. 2. No NFC (Amiibo), console alarm and infrared movement. 3. Not suitable for case / handle. 4. If you are using Nintendo to update the console, you must update the console by connecting it to a computer. 5. Press "MODE" once, all lights are off

Turbocharging function

5/12/25 frames per second, easy to set or delete, please read the instructions before use.

Concave joystick

The analog wand has a moderate height for comfort so you can move your thumb naturally and make more precise movements.

Comfortable grip

If you use buttons as a portable game console, it is better and more convenient to carry!

Double shock

The two integrated motors provide excellent impact feedback (easily adjustable intensity or open / close).

Two ways of charging

You can charge the console by connecting it to the console or by using the Type C charging port.

Excellent trigger mechanism and quick response

The operator is important, the response is adequate, and the level of detail is high.

PENJOY C25 Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch
PENJOY C25 Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch

  • REP is the perfect replacement for Switch Console, designed to be the best alternative to Nintendo Switch console with more features.
  • Ergonomic Handle - Ergonomic Design - When the buttons are used as a portable game console, the handle is more comfortable!
  • 🎮 Built-in vibration motor and motion control, plus 6-axis gyroscope, provides excellent vibration when playing games, for better live gaming experience and support for different motion control games!
  • 🎮 TUBOR FUNCTION AND INCLUSIVE PROGRAMMING - turbo realizes manual / automatic 5/12/20 turbo speed and realizes macro programming function. Refer to the manual for detailed instructions.
  • 🎮 DURABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - PENJOY uses high-quality materials and carefully designed details to ensure a long service life and not only creates high-quality products, but also provides the best customer service.

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