PowerWatch 2 PW09 Premium Fitness Smart Watch
PowerWatch 2 PW09 Premium Fitness Smart Watch

PowerWatch 2 Premium, Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, 200m Diving, GPS, Calories & Steps, Compatible with iPhone / Samsung

The PowerWatch Series 2 uses a body temperature smartwatch for testing. The unique thermoelectric technology combined with solar energy provides a comprehensive smartwatch function with which you can measure all aspects of your health and lifestyle without the need to recharge regularly. PowerWatch Premium is crafted from durable materials like sapphire crystal, silver plating, and a stainless-steel bracelet with the style and function you need and you can't imagine. Premium PowerWatch includes features that are updated regularly, such as: For example, the optional Home Screen widget, which displays main dashboard metrics directly on the Home screen, so that you can view grouped metrics without opening the app. Press the "Back" button on the watch to scroll through one of the four screens: Steps + Calories, Sleep + Heart Rate, Temperature, Energy Production. You can set default home screen in clock settings. The new "Interval Training" activity pattern can measure CrossFit training, HIIT, and similar aerobic training. Unlike walking or running, this pose doesn't rely on steps to estimate your calorie intake. New Activity tracks your calorie expenditure by monitoring all of your exercise (not just step count), heart rate, and body temperature. As a result, it is better to track calories than "stop and go" activities. The temperature measurement is now recorded by the device. The watch monitors your skin temperature every minute and uploads the data to the app every time you sync. Temperature data (° C and ° F) is displayed in the application temperature graph and it shows the temperature trend of your skin. You can easily see the progress of the activity on your wrist. These screens can be read during a workout and show important statistics, including heart rate zones used during a workout. It has a maximum heart rate (220) and the arrow shows the heart rate (in percentage) in one of the following four regions: moderate (60-70%, blue), medium (70-80%, green)). ), Stable (80-90%, orange), max (90-100%, red). User initiated heart rate measurement enables heart rate measurement if required. Use HOLD SELECT on the heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate instantly. Your Body Never Stops, Now With PowerWatch, Wearables Never Stop.

PowerWatch 2 PW09 Premium Fitness Smart Watch
PowerWatch 2 PW09 Premium Fitness Smart Watch

  • Thanks to MATRIX Industries' patented thermoelectric technology, which allows you to always charge your watch according to your body temperature, and you cannot charge it again
  • The smart watch has a new and improved sensor that can record calories, steps (pedometer), heart rate and sleep monitoring with high accuracy. It has activity trackers for running, cycling, CrossFit and HIIT indoors and out
  • The built-in GPS location tracking function of the smartwatch can show the exercise distance and altitude, so you can easily track your progress
  • Receive smart push notifications directly on your PowerWatch
  • Your smartwatch is not only water resistant but also 200m water resistance. It is made of aircraft aluminum and sapphire crystal
  • Compatible with iPhone / Samsung / Galaxy / iPad / Tablets The new and improved PowerWatch app makes tracking your progress easy and intuitive. It also includes options to integrate third-party apps like Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Strava, etc.

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