PTHTECHUS HD Touch Screen Kids Games Smartwatch
PTHTECHUS HD Touch Screen Kids Games Smartwatch

PTHTECHUS Kids Toys Mobile Smart Watch HD Touch Screen - 1.44 Inch, Boys and Girls Watches with MP3 Player, Two-way Communication Camera, Recording Computer, Back to School Learning Birthday Gifts, Brooches

PTHTECHUS Baby Toys and Music 1.54 '' HD Touch Screen Smart Watch, Equipped with High Capacity 480mAh Battery

Bidirectional Communication + Call

PTHTECHUS HD Touch Screen Kids Games Smartwatch Two-way HD calls, communication with your baby is very easy. You can talk to your baby anytime and anywhere to share the mood, interest in the situation, and parent-child interaction anywhere.

Mp3 music player

After inserting the SD card, you can listen to the music or download the music to the SD card (32GB memory card supported).

How can I copy files and make MP3 work properly?

1. As for the music, you need to save the MP3 music to the “My Music” file on the 1GB SD card (if you don't save the downloaded music in the “My Music” file, it will not be available).

2. We previously uploaded a kind of music quiz into the "My Music" file. If you format a 1GB SD card, please create a "My Music" file on the SD card. Otherwise, the watch will not recognize the downloaded music.

Computer camera etc.

The 0.3MP selfie camera allows kids to take pictures anytime and anywhere and have more fun.

Alarm: You can set 3 alarms and choose your own snooze time.
Calculator: The calculation is easier.
Register: You can register on the watch

custom made

Material: plastic and silicone
Size: Band length: 230mm
Disc width: 40 mm
Dial height: 14 mm
Belt width: 20 mm
Battery capacity: 400mAh
SIM Card: Micro SIM (supports 2G)
Waterproof: no

PTHTECHUS HD Touch Screen Kids Games Smartwatch
PTHTECHUS HD Touch Screen Kids Games Smartwatch

  • 🎮🎮 Play the watch as a gift for children: This smartwatch contains 7 interesting and interesting built-in games. Children can play games using the touch screen and choose their favorite games. (2048 Basketball, Competition, Car Theft ...) Practice kids' reaction skills. Suitable from 4 to 12 years old. It is equipped with calls, MP3 players, calculators, games, calendars, voice recorders, etc., so that children can enjoy entertainment and learning at any time, which is a good gift for children.
  • 📞📞 HD Bi-directional Conversation: Our watch is the same phone. After connecting the SIM card, you can use the two-way communication function to communicate with your child, understand your child's condition anytime, anywhere, and share your feelings with your child. You can also use the watch's phone book to set up frequently used contacts so that your child can call you.
  • 192019NEW CHILDREN'S PHONE Smart WATCH: Upgrade to 1.44 '' HD Touchscreen. The latest and trendy design of the watch straps is available in three colors. The tape is also a newly improved food tape, anti-allergic, anti-static, soft non-fading, healthy and breathable sweat, not easy to break. Your child will love this watch. You can wrap it as a birthday gift and send it back to school.
  • Variety of Tools: The free SD card allows you to take pictures, record sounds and store them on the watch. You can also play music from the memory card by choosing the audio player; Audio player; music player. Alarm clock and calculator, 12/24 hour system, kids can set 3 alarm hours in this game. Multilingual: support English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. For use in different countries. Built-in silent mode: When kids are in school, they can set the silent mode to avoid being disturbed.
  • Free SIM Card: This watch may or may not use a SIM card. Just choose to use it. When you need to call a function, you need a bullet to call the function. For the United States of America we would like to recommend T-Mobile or use our own cellular network. As long as your area is still 2G / GSM the watch will work perfectly! Or you just need the watch as study time or as a player, it is a great gift for your children, your boys, your boys and girls.

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