STOGA Remote Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch
STOGA Remote Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, STOGA 8581-A Pro Remote Control for Nintendo Switch Console, Gamepad support, Rotation, Turbo and Dual Vibrate

360 degree joystick smooth and precise

Two analog sticks allow precise movement in all directions for fast, accurate aiming and combination!
Smooth 360 ° control, no lag.
It is easy to achieve moderate joystick height and does not affect access to other buttons and actuators.
The recessed surface of the joystick has been raised slightly for ease of use.

Built-in 600mAh Li-Polymer battery

The built-in 600mAh Li-Polymer battery can be used continuously for 5 hours after being fully charged.
Wireless connection, less interference, stable communication signal.
The switch controller can also be used normally while charging.

Hexaxial gyroscope sensor built into human body

The precise 6-axis gyroscope motion sensor can accurately detect changes in direction and field of view!
Learn about fast reaction movements and high accuracy
Smoothly, quickly and without delay
Enhance the realism of the gaming experience and feel like you are there!

Professional control of individual and team battles

Ergonomic design and lightweight construction make the joystick comfortable even for long time continuous play.
The switch can connect up to 4 Pro Wireless Controllers simultaneously.
Always ready to play with your friends and family!

STOGA Remote Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch
STOGA Remote Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

  • [High Performance] STOGA Wireless Switch Controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch and delivers excellent gaming experience. It is very suitable for playing Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, etc.!
  • [Wireless Turbo Control and Dual Vibration Switch support Turbo Mode and Screenshots. Dual vibration makes you feel like you are part of the action.
  • [Long update] This switch controller is wireless and can be easily paired with switch controller via bluetooth. This controller only needs 2 hours of charging and supports 7-10 hours of continuous play!
  • [Slight support for multiplayer games. Our game consoles are light, colorful, ergonomically designed and suitable for long-term gaming. It supports multiplayer games where up to four people can play games at the same time. This is very suitable for family entertainment and parties.
  • [Contents] Switch Console can be used immediately after packaging to support wired and wireless connections. It comes with a USB C cable and a how-to guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service will reply you within 24 hours!

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