Microsoft is working with SpaceX to bring the Azure cloud platform into space
Microsoft is working with SpaceX to bring the Azure cloud platform into space

Microsoft said Tuesday that it has entered into a partnership with a company (SpaceX) run by billionaire businessman Elon Musk and others with the goal of expanding its cloud computing platform to the space industry.

The U.S. software giant partnership enables Microsoft to connect its Azure cloud computing platform to SpaceX's low-orbit satellite network so that the company can compete with billionaire (Jeff Bezos) Amazon's cloud computing platform. At an advantage. .

With the emergence of the Coronavirus COVID-19 (Covid-19) epidemic, companies have begun to use desktop platforms to move their businesses and services, which has increased the demand for cloud companies this year.

Microsoft has tested its Azure satellite platform in space over the past few months. Last September, it tapped into demand for data-intensive space services and launched the Azure Space Project.

In the US regulatory documents, the company said: These services include: "disaster forecasting and monitoring, improving supply chain transparency and economic activity, etc."

“We will work with you in reasonable places to sell our subscribing customers en masse, engage in sales to enterprises and new customers in all areas. The future and strengthen our strength,” SpaceX President Gwen Shotwell told Tom Kane, Microsoft's vice president of business. ''

SpaceX, known for its reusable rockets and astronaut capsules, is ramping up production of Starlink satellites. Starlink is a growing group of hundreds of satellites broadcasting over the Internet. Musk hopes to generate enough income to fund his goals. SpaceX) is connected to the planets.

Earlier this month, SpaceX won a $ 149 million contract to produce Pentagon satellites for tracking missiles, the US government's first-ever contract to build a satellite.

The goal of the Bezos-Blue Origin Satellite is to launch a new missile in 2021. New Glenn plans to deploy a constellation of satellites to communicate with Starlink (known as Project Kuiper) from SpaceX and is proposing 3,236 satellites. 

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