TOGUARD Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit
TOGUARD Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

TOGUARD wireless reversing camera and screen assembly with stable digital signal, waterproof reversing camera with 5 inch screen and 8 LED night vision lights, suitable for truck / motorhome / SUV / van / van / motorhome - meanwhile

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Founded in 2009, TOGUARD has become a trusted brand in the field of private and personal security technologies. We are the go-to brand for anyone looking for quality products at affordable prices. Regardless of whether you want to protect your vehicle, ensure safety while driving, or avoid crashes and races, TOGUARD has you covered.

1/4 inch color CMOS image sensor adopts high-resolution digital image processor and can provide clear and detailed images with a resolution of 720 x 480.

IP69 enhances its waterproof performance with 8 independent lights that can provide crystal clear images even in rain or at night.

Thanks to its large detection range of 170 degrees, this rear view camera array can capture more details to reduce blind spots when recording video.

With 8 LEDs and a high-sensitivity 3.0 x 3.0 μm image sensor, it provides low light compensation and enables operation in extremely poor lighting conditions of up to 0.2 lux.

TOGUARD Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit
TOGUARD Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

  • 【Park your car easily and safely. For many large vehicles like trucks, RVs, SUVs, and vans, parking is very dangerous as it is not easy to see the scenery behind you. With this camera, the driver can clearly see the parking lot. Plan time on the road and avoid accidents due to the spread of many vehicles. Hence, it will be a useful product for large vehicle owners.
  • [Description of Widescreen Display] This rear view camera is equipped with 5 inch LCD screen and 170 degree wide angle so that you can see the rear view camera clearly. The other primary function of the camera is to provide additional instructions on the screen. It is very comfortable when returning from an unstable situation or when driving in confined spaces and driving in low light.
  • 【Strong wireless signal antenna avoids wireless communication between camera and lengthy alignment screen and you don't need to worry about such long line error. With signal antenna, you don't need to worry about not receiving signal because it can provide strong and stable signal within 50m range.
  • [IP69 Waterproof Camera] This rear view camera is equipped with high quality IP69 waterproof camera. This standard means that the camera is dust resistant and can withstand the pressure of water flowing from all directions such as rain and car washes.
  • [Easy to install] 2 reversing camera power supplies: if it supports reverse light, the screen will light up automatically when the reverse gear is engaged (red connection to reverse light, black connection to metal). ;; Or when powered by continuous power supply (red connected to continuous power supply, black connected to metal) it can be used as always lit backlit screen; Parking screen is optional. By default, the green wire is not cut. Then press the red button on the car charger to restart the screen.

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